Saturday, 26 May 2012

Hotfox – You, Me and the Monster (Album Review)

A winding cacophony of sweet harmonies and musical masterstrokes

So today we take a look at Hotfox. It’s a name that doesn’t really give too much away as to the actual content of the goods. That is to say personally I wouldn’t have a clue how to describe the sound of a band with such a name if I hadn’t heard them before. Fortunately I have, and I could describe them as honest, heartfelt and genre-crossing.
I, like many others, first heard of Hotfox through the State of Music project. I’d like to say this is how I found the album, but sadly by the time I came to find it on I had completely forgotten it even having been featured. Thus when I recognised a track, it took me ages to work out how and why.

So the album begins with ‘The Dirt of This Earth’, a track with a beautiful slow country feel, then the rock kicks in and the albums’ style seems to take a fresh twist with every song.
‘5th and Mad’ and ‘The Dollar Theatre’ could gain the band some followers with their tender acoustic singer-songwriter feel, while ‘Fight Night’ bears some resemblance to the better end of The Libertines catalogue.
My personal favourite is the hidden track, a piano led soother of a song which takes a dark turn in just the right way to appeal to my sense of wanting to be challenged by the music I listen to.

Throughout the album there are beautiful harmonies, solid musicianship and a need to try everything. The simple truth is these guys are good. They enjoy what they do, and they do it well. Frankly I think everyone should have this album in their digital collection. I’m sure there is no-one out there who couldn’t find at least one track on this album with which they can relate.

To read an interview with the band from a few months back check out the Choose My Music website where there is also a link to download the album.

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