Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Fun – Some Nights (Album Review)

At least 8 tracks light of an album

It takes a special band to write a pop song that doesn’t piss everyone who actually likes music off. For me Fun seemed to have pulled it off based upon the huge hit single ‘We Are Young’, which I think I’ve added to every playlist I have. However, I couldn’t have been more wrong, and I have written this review based upon just a couple of listens as frankly anymore would have driven me to self-harm.

Opening with a Queen sounding intro, this album announces its intent within a minute, and grows in stature into the full version of ‘Some Nights’, even if the production sounds a little too synthy.
Several tracks feature marching band style snare drums, which sound good initially, but by the end of ‘Carry On’ begin to become quite tedious.
It Gets Better is a heavier rockier synth-pop tune, but the over production is alarming and the production team really need to stop playing around and let the original sound come through a little more.
All Alone starts with a great accordion solo and then turns into an overloaded pop onslaught, and from there the album can’t recover (except for a bonus track acoustic version of ‘We Are Young’).

To be fair, the pop style of this album is quite original, but it is still a pop album and nothing more. It has catchy tracks, but I have a feeling we have already heard the best efforts of these guys and they will disappear without track after a poor selling follow-up...

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