Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Various Artists – The State of Music, Vol. 2

Another compilation of quality discoveries by wet behind the ears label

Regular readers will remember the review of ‘The State of Music, Vol. 1’ back on the 1st of February, well Choose My Music Records is back for round 2 with another compilation of undiscovered or little known sounds from the States. As before all proceeds go to the charity Camden Calling and is available for just £4 from the album sales website or on many other sites.

So in terms of the musical content, again the quality is staggering, the track order is perfectly constructed (and having been a compilation maker for 20-or-so years, trust me it isn’t easy to make it work every time) and from the first catchy bar of ‘Graceful Steps’ by ‘Revolution, I Love You’ I found myself compelled to listen to the album in its entirety (which I have done several times already). This album includes some wonderful tunes from the likes of ‘Elsa Rae (and her Tiny Instruments)’, ‘Twin Brother’ and ‘Vox and the Hound’, but to be honest, there isn’t a track on this album I could honestly say I haven’t enjoyed.

Maybe this album lacks the cross-genre pollination of the first, but this seems to make it more fluid and as a compilation have more of a straightforward theme. This label can be great - given time - and it’s certainly heading in the right direction. The passion of the founder is apparent in every album issue, so I implore you all to get this album, it could be your favourite compilation of the year.

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