Friday, 6 April 2012

Russian Circles – Empros (Discovery)

Dark non-verbal metal could make a perfect soundtrack

When I decided to start writing a blog little did I know that I would be sitting listening to music like this at 8am in the morning. Obviously I knew I wanted to discover music I hadn’t heard before, and I wanted to write about bands that should have a larger audience as well as commercial artists I like, but this was not in the program. So yesterday morning when I decided to have a listen to some bands I had saved for later listening and came across ‘Russian Circles’, I was pleasantly surprised. An instrumental 3 piece, this is the bands’ fourth album and it showcases an amazing array of sounds.

It’s impossible for me to select just one or two tracks to focus on within this album, as they all create a soundscape unique to the listener. The band are considered to be a metal outfit, but they are so much more, winding through some beautiful guitar solos, powerful drum rhythms and melodic bass riffs, these guys know what the music should do to create an emotion, and track after track the consistent quality is outstanding.

I recommend that this album be listened to as a whole, mainly because it will help to understand just how good the arrangements are, and how varied the sound of three people using the same instruments can be. My best discovery while listening was however that they are coming to Helsinki on Saturday 14th April, now coincidences like that never happen...

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