Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Lissy Trullie - Lissy Trullie (Album Review)

A simple but effective debut album to ignite the soul

This debut album has a distinctly 80’s feel to it, maybe it’s the electronic sound, the big power chord guitar riffs, or it could be the programmed drum loops on some tracks. Having hated 80’s music all my life, this coincides with the year I have chosen to lose my bias and immerse myself in order to discover the better parts of the decades’ music scene. So I can be genuine when I say that this album could almost have taken the highlights of the decade and re-worked them into something for the modern market.

‘Rules We Obey’, the opening track, seems to begin with the drone that is life. It builds slowly, adding single snare beats, a little more keyboards, some guitar chords and finally brass, easing you in gently to the ride which this album wants to take you on. ‘I Know Where You Sleep’ is possibly the most modern sounding track on this album. It’s catchy and a bit sing-along while still maintaining the essential sound and feel of the rest of the album.

There are so many elements of other music in this album it could be possible to sit and listen several times just to try and work out why a certain riff reminds you of this or that, but overall it’s a mighty fine debut. The engineering and production is superb and a lot of work has gone into making this album sound just right. This is an album I’ve been distracted by for a week so far, so when you listen don’t expect to change the channel anytime soon.

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