Monday, 2 April 2012

Graham Coxon - A+E (Album Review)

Another album, another reason to smile

Amazingly this is already Coxon’s 8th studio album. I remember buying his first album and listening to it on repeat around Scotland on a family holiday and thinking I had never heard anything quite like it before. A mash of American garage-rock and English folk (with a healthy chunk of Syd Barrett styled musical attitude), it introduced a new flavour to British music, and since then Coxon has progressed immeasurably with some nips and tucks here and there.

The album opens in typical Coxon style with some ‘Advice’, a quirky, punky tune very much reminding us of his back catalogue before slowly guiding us through his musical development over the next 9 tracks. Other highlights include ‘Seven Naked Valleys’, which despite being typically Coxon in style, has a certain catchiness in its chugging bass and simple harmony vocals. ‘Knife in the Cast’ seems as though it could have been a Blur song (certainly during the ‘13’ period), with its slow simplicity and strange background noises.

The songs on this album seem longer, more fleshed out and will certainly be considered a development in Coxon’s considerable output. If you haven’t liked what’s gone before, you’re unlikely to like this, but if you (like myself) believe that Coxon is one of the most creative and original guitarists of a generation – you won’t be disappointed.

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