Friday, 23 March 2012

Whispertown – Parallel (Album Review)

I wasn’t going to write a review today, I didn’t have anything I liked enough to talk about. Then I checked out the new stuff on Spotify and stumbled upon Whispertown. I’m not usually a fan of female vocals, but this voice had me hooked by halfway through the first verse. It has an honest quality, a tone which could be quite hard on the ear if it didn’t have such a passion and directness about it.

The album is so simple, being both scruffy and elegant at the same time. ‘State of Mind’ is a perfect example, beautiful harmonies but minimal instrumentation, while the vocals punch their point across rather than pussyfooting around the point. ‘Blood from Wine’ – another standout track - offers a slightly different musical angle from the rest of the album, it’s a duet, it’s a bit more country, and it’s a little more musically full in terms of both instruments and production.

The album concludes with ‘Isn’t There More’, a feeling I was left with regarding the length of ‘Parallel’. This is going straight into my top 3 of 2012, and it will be on repeat in my house until the family prise musical control from my grasp. I advise everyone to take a listen; this is how an album should sound.

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