Thursday, 1 March 2012

The Ting Tings – Sounds from Nowheresville (Album Review)

The Ting Tings first album was raw, powerful and a debut which promised so much for their future. As a 2 piece they had a clearly defined sound and it wasn’t immediately obvious which direction the next album would take them. Well, after a four year absence they are back, and having seemingly suffered the ‘difficult second album’ blues ‘Sounds from Nowheresville’ brings the band back to the limelight.

It is immediately obvious that taking so long to record the album has paid off. The sound is much fuller, the musicianship more polished, and the production is second to none. Not only does this album pick up from where the last left off, this album develops the band’s style and is lyrically more grounded than previously. More commercial than the first, ‘Sounds from Nowheresville’ crosses genres from start to finish and for the most part, it is successful. 

‘Soul Killing’ has soul and is instantly catchy, infused with subtle brass and several vocal track overdubs it has a very full pop-influenced sound. ‘In Your Life’ slows the album back down after some upbeat dance moments, and the lyrics coupled with strong violin backing make this an emotionally touching song and a stunning close to the album.

There will be some obvious reviews claiming that the band have sold out and become more commercial, but in my opinion this album shows the development of the two-piece. There is a more pop-influenced feel to the album in places, but it is also clear that this album shows major development from their first. This is an album of high quality, and will certainly gain the band some new admirers.

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