Monday, 26 March 2012

Madonna - MDNA (Album Review)

So it’s time for another offering from Madonna. Love her or hate her, she’s certainly had a long and varied career with very little failure along the way. MDNA is Madonna’s 12th offering, and is produced by some of the biggest names in the dance industry (welcome back William Orbit producer of Ray of Light – the only Madonna album I can comfortably enjoy from start to finish). 

‘Gang Bang’ is over-sweary and certainly not child friendly (however like most of the album, it is shameless in its pop nature). ‘Turn up the Radio’ musically is a standout track, but the lyrics are awful, as are most on the album. The intro for ‘Love Spent’ is a great little banjo solo which shows so much promise, and although it is another over-produced mash of sounds, for the most part it is actually quite a good tune. I was enjoying ‘Masterpiece’, quite a typical Orbit produced number until the classic line: ‘From the moment I first saw you, all the darkness turned to light’, where’s the originality?

The final track - ‘Falling Free’ - almost singlehandedly resurrects the album. This song sounds like it should have been on the ‘Ray of Light’ album, full of Orbit styled nuances, it has flowing strings, sweet vocals, and left me wondering why the whole album couldn’t have sounded more like this.

As always with a Madonna album, it is catchy, it has a wide audience appeal, and it tries to cover all of the boundaries, just in case someone might not have heard it. However, the addition of younger more modern artists doesn’t impress, and the list of producers is huge - making the album sound all over the place. There’s no consistency, and frankly very little to appeal to anyone who isn’t a hardcore Madonna fan. Isn’t it about time she put some clothes on and acts her age, after all you can’t appeal to everyone and you won’t go on forever...please Madonna grow up!

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