Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Flying Colors - Flying Colors (Album Review)

Musically extravagant but still commercially viable

I discovered Flying Colors completely by chance while browsing Spotify. When I was researching the band I discovered one of my pets hates as a description of the band...”super group”, and I nearly ran a mile (especially because one member was in Dream Theater – a band who musically are amazing but personally I find unlistenable over a period of more than one track). But I persevered and as a result am content with some of the sweetest rock sounds I’ve heard in a few years.

The first thing you notice about this album is how clean it is. Musically these guys are 100% competent, and that shows in the magnificent quality of the playing, the outstanding depth of the lyrics and the fact that everything happens when it’s meant to (something which comes with a lot of experience in my humble opinion). 

‘Love Is What I’m Waiting For’ - in part - is like a majestic Queen tribute, great vocals, amazing guitar solo and layers of sound. ‘All Falls Down’ would be the track I would expect this band to produce when looking at their history - fast, technical, heavy – but still melodic and in the context of the album holds its own. ‘Infinite Fire’, the closing effort of the album, takes us on a 12 minute journey, taking in most of the classic rock styles you could possibly think of, and leaves you feeling exhilarated.

Take all the elements which have been great in rock music through the decades, five musicians with huge experience and talent, simmer gently over a low heat for about an hour and Flying Colors is the result. This will be one of the great rock albums to come out of this year without any doubt. I recommend Flying Colors heartily, and hope this isn’t the only album they have in them, I for one want more!

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