Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The Death of Gagarin – Nro 9 (Album Review)

This debut release from Finnish outfit The Death of Gagarin brings us a band destined for big things. The album demonstrates an array of influences from The Mars Volta to Muse via Jeff Buckley; in fact to be honest it would take the whole page to list all the little nuances of others I noticed during these nine tracks. This is definitely not a bad thing, I think diversity makes this album quite special, and offers us something which has been missing in the rock scene for a while.

‘Let It Rain’ brings an instantly catchy riff, casual rock theme and some sweet harmony vocals, while ‘Janus’ provides a beautiful slow break from the high-tempo norm of the album and includes wonderfully subtle use of effects as it builds over its five-and-a-half-minutes. ‘June 4th’ is the most commercial effort here, but it still has something about it which most guitar bands are currently lacking.

Okay, so this album has it faults, notably there are moments when you can’t tell what is production and what is actual technical ability, and the album doesn’t have a noticeable single, but then with this type of band are singles really what is required. Overall though a solid debut and certainly a band who can go a long way provided they can maintain the momentum this album delivers.

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