Monday, 20 February 2012

Dodgy - Stand Upright In A Cool Place (Album Review)

This week, Dodgy - back to the original three piece line-up - have released their first new album as a trio for 16 years. The year they last charted, France won the world cup.

Known for their feel-good summer sound, Dodgy forged a place in the heart of Britpop enthusiasts with catchy riffs and sing-along lyrics. So I for one was extremely excited when I found out this album would be coming out.

A little older, a little wiser, and possibly a little more cynical, the band have made a more polished album this time around. They don’t do catchy pop anymore, they do songs about real life. They don’t have the quirky appeal and summer festival vibes either, because now they have knuckled down to making beautiful melodies which reflect the times and the mood of reality.

In short, this album would make a terrible debut for a new act. But this is not a new act. This is a band who spent time as one of the biggest UK bands and then split up. This is a band who tried several other things between 1998 and now. And this is a band who quite frankly should never have been away, because without them things have made much less sense.

Welcome back Dodgy, times have been hard without you.

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