Monday, 27 February 2012

The Cranberries – Roses (Album Review)

Back in the early 90’s The Cranberries looked like a band who knew what they wanted and wrote songs that could get them there. By the third album though the scene was changing, and although the band’s release was actually quite good and a definite step forward, the sales didn’t reflect it.

‘Roses’ is the sixth album by the band, and after a six year break they have returned to their roots with a quiet, melancholy album full of slow and often moving melodies and beautiful strings. The band have benefitted from the production skills of Stephen Street, whose ability to add those touches that can make or break a song have really bolstered this album’s depth.

Standout tracks are ‘Conduct’, a strong opening which helps to take the listener back to the heady days of the bands most successful period. ‘Schizophrenic Playboys’ raises the temperature, and gives a much needed kick halfway through the album just as things have started to become a little too acoustic, and ‘Show Me’ with its crafted strings and great vocal harmonies could be a big hitter if released as a single.

This album is good, but there’s nothing new on offer. If you like The Cranberries of old this is an album worth listening to. The band are back together, the original producer is back at the controls, now it’s time to see which direction to take from here. This is a good starting pointing point...

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